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Original scientific paper

Abortion Statistical Data in Croatia – Some Characteristics and Comparison

Ina Stašević orcid id ; Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences, Professional Study Programme in Nursing, Bjelovar
Darko Ropac orcid id ; Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb

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Croatia belongs to countries where abortion is conditionally
permitted. The total number of abortions decreased by 39.7 % in
the period 2000-2015, with the largest decrease of 60.1 % in
legally induced cases. A constant drop in their number is observed,
from 170 to 80/1,000, which is an abortion rate reduction
of 52.9 % (P <0.001) . The number of women of fertile
age is constantly decreasing. In the period 2000–2015, there
was a decrease in the number of women by 88,432, or by 10.1
%. At the same time, registered abortion rates ranged from 14.7
to 10.7/1.000, respectively from 7.6 to 3.8/1.000 women of
fertile age (P <0.001). The same trend is also present when the
data are presented as an abortion rate of 1,000 births. In the
observed period, the abortion rate in Croatia dropped
significantly from 154.4/1000 to 76.6/1.000. Legally-induced
abortions in 2015 were most common in the age group 30–39
(45.5 % of all abortions), and the lowest in the group up to 19
years (7.5 %). Among women seeking abortion, most are those
who did not give birth (31 %), and then those who already have
two children (29.5 %).


abortion; rates; importance; Republic of Croatia

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