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Original scientific paper

Professional Position, Performance and Perspectives of (Young) Women Scientists

Katarina PRPIĆ

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Gender differentials in professional status and productivity
have been surveyed on a sample of 840 young scientists or
49.6% of the young research population. A significant
differentiation of the professional status of women
researchers and their male counterparts has been found.
Women occupy a more marginal professional standing than
men, expressing thus a lower degree of satisfaction with the
social organization of science. In the last decade gender
differences in publication productivity of young scientists have increased. Socio-demographic, educational, qualificational
variables and the variables of respondents´ position in
scientific institutions and community are more successful in
explaining the publication productivity of young women
scientists. When compared to the productivity of male
respondents, publications by women are more strongly
influenced by their position in the social organization of


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