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Original scientific paper

Women's Sexual Health, Sexual Satisfaction, and Sexual Orientation

Aleksandar ŠTULHOFER

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The paper analyzes psychosocial and sociocultural correlates of
women's sexual health and satisfaction, as well as the
relationship between sexual orientation and sexual health and
satisfaction. Our respondents were 547 women from Zagreb,
between 20 and 60 years of age, who filled in and posted a
questionnaire on women's sexual health based on the Brief
Index of Sexual Functioning for Women. As expected, the
correlation between sexual satisfaction and sexual health was
confirmed. (The most frequently reported sexual problems in our
community sample were hypoactive sexual desire and difficulties in reaching orgasm.) Age, intimate aspects of the relation
(especially partner's satisfaction) and sexual performance
(frequency of sexual contacts and orgasmic efficiency) proved to
be the significant predictors of sexual satisfaction. In contrast to
some earlier studies, homosexual and bisexual respondents
reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction and sexual health
than heterosexual women did. The authors identify four
dimensions (sub-sample characteristics, characteristics of lesbian
sexual contacts and lesbian intimacy, and sex-as-rebellion
ideology) that should be helpful in explaining this finding.


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