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Review article

The Information Technological Revolution at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Božidar TEPEŠ
Franko ROTIM

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This paper describes the information technological revolution as
the most important and most influential follower from the
industrial to postindustrial society. Through the more successful
and more efficient use of microelectronics the human world and
Cyberspace have been constantly changing and improving, in
computer integrated production, telecommunication relations, as
well as in optoelectronics and biotechnology. Research shows that
the connection between science, technology and knowledge
generates and maintains an explorative and creative
environment, in which permanent revolutionizing of technology is
followed by continuing innovation and improvement of the
means and relations between social production, and the
everyday lives of people. The paper analyzes these processes in
material production, social interrelations and the participation of
each person, their organizations and communities. It deals with
the flow of these changes based on the information technological
revolution and its achievements. However, it is hard to
scientifically predict and describe what will occur and how these
revolutionary changes will develop in the future. Thus, this paper is limited to predicting the basic directions of future technological
and social development which will in a totally globalized world
unite people more and help them withdraw from any routine
work and turn to the development of their human potentials.


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