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Preliminary communication


Miroslav Mandić orcid id ; University of Zagreb Faculty of Economics & Business, Zagreb, Croatia
Mateja Rešetar ; University of Zagreb Faculty of Economics & Business, Zagreb, Croatia

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The aim of the research was to investigate which banking services students’ use, which banks they prefer, to define which dimensions or elements of banking services are important for them, and to determine the level of students’ satisfaction with each dimension of the mentioned services. Finally, the research had to explore the overall level of students’ satisfaction with banking services. Qualitative and quantitative researches have been conducted. Convenience sampling has been applied. Control categories were students aged from 18 to 26 years who use banking services and are full time students. The research was conducted in phases. In the first phase 12 in-depth interviews were conducted with the target group representatives. The second research step was used for questionnaire pilot-testing. In the last research stage the questionnaire was accurately completed by 281 respondents. The results show that students prefer big banks and that the almost half of the respondents, 49.82%, are completely satisfied with their banking services. The highest level of satisfaction is related to employees’ dress code, although the respondents did not evaluate the dress code as an
important element in offering banking services. The results showed that the important banking service element is the provision of service on time and in accordance with what was promised, as well as expertise and professional behaviour of employees. It is important to stress that the respondents are not satisfied with the speed of service delivery. A
lower level of satisfaction is also related to banking fees. Furthermore, banks’ working hours and the availability of an adequate number of ATMs was awarded with a lower average in satisfaction ratings. Since the mentioned elements are relatively important to respondents, banks should make the necessary improvements in order to ensure greater student satisfaction with banking services.


cryptocucustomer satisfaction, customer satisfaction survey, elements of customer satisfaction

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