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Review article

Influence of tourism disturbance on carbon, nitrogen, and enzyme activities of the soil in an urban park in China

Xiaoyang Zeng ; Department of Landscape Architecture, Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, Chengdu, China

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This study investigated the effects of different tourism disturbance intensities on carbon, nitrogen, and enzyme activities of soil in a subtropical urban park, China. The contents of the soil organic carbon (SOC), total nitrogen (TN), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), nitrate nitrogen (NO3-–N), and ammonium nitrogen (NH4+–N) in the soil were significantly reduced by tourism disturbance. The activities of some soil enzymes, including sucrase, catalase, urease, and chitinase, were also reduced. Except for NH4+–N, the soil carbon–nitrogen indicators all exhibited significant positive correlations with the four soil enzyme activities. The results indicated that tourism disturbance caused soil degradation in the subtropical urban park. Therefore, the soil in damaged areas should be frequently turned up, and more organic fertilizers should be added.


tourism disturbance; subtropical urban park; soil carbon and carbon; enzyme activity

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