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Original scientific paper

Thermodynamic Functions of Thiazole and iso-Thiazole

B . Šoptrajanov ; Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

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Some thermodynamic functions (the enthalpy and free energy
functi ons, entropy and heat capacity) of thiazole and iso-thiazole
have been calculated (300-1000° K), using the harmonic-oscillator,
rigid-rotor approximation. The reported assignments for the two
molecules were us ed, as were the published values for the moments
of inertia of thiazole. Approximate values for the moments of inertia
of iso-thiazole have been calculated, assuming bond lengths and
angles similar to those of thiophene and 1,2,5-thiadiazole. The
calculated thermodynamic functions are compared with the results
obtained previously for thiadiazoles and thiophene.


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