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Molecular Orbital Calculations for [18] Annulene Trioxide

N. Trinajstić ; Chemistry Department, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England

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Recently\ the synthesis of [18] annulene trroxide has been reported, the atomic skeletal structure of which is shown in Fig. 1. [18] annulene trioxide is one member of a series of related compounds which has recently been synthesized1 2·3. The most closely related compouinds are [18] anrnulene tvis ulphide and [18] annulene oxide diisulphide. It has 1been found that the chemical properties of [18] annulene trioxide are very similar to those of [18] annulene tJrisulphide1•
On the other hand, experimentala and theoretical4 results indicate that [18] a nnulene trisulphide has considerably less airomatic character than [18] annulene, and that it can be considered as being composed of three thiophene rings linked together by three double bonds.


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