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Original scientific paper

Hybridization in Planar XY 4 Molecules

M. Randić ; Institute »Ruder Boskovic« Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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page 231-236

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Maximum overlap hybriid orbitals for planar XY4 molecules
are described assuming various orbitals for ligand and central
atoms. Distribution of s and d character in square snp2d2-n hybridization
as a tunction of ilnteratomilc distances, and for different
relamive effective charges iof bonded atoms .is g.iven. Maximum
overlap hybdds, when compared with those based on Pauling's
criterion of hybrid 1strength, show a generally smaller contribuition
of d z2 orbdtal in the hybnidizati'on, especially evident
for ~\ligand< μm etal, when in SOlffie cases they _ reduce to simple
dsp2 hybrids . Calculait:i.ons are based data for Slaiter functions .


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