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Original scientific paper

Stereochemistry of Complex Halides of the Transition Metals

R. S . Nyholm ; William Ramsay and Ralph For ster Laboratories, University College, London, W. C. 1, England

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The aim of this lecture i& to provide a survey of the stereochemistry of the
tetrahalogeno complexes of the metal ions of the first transition series. In
particular we wish to consider which non-bonding electron configurations
favour the formation of regular tetrahedral complexes but we pass from
this to examine the shape of four-coordinate complexes with other non-bonding
-electron arrangements. Recent experimental studies dealing with the preparation
of various metal complexes having d 2, d 5, d 6 and d 8 non-bonding configurations
will be summarised and the results of the investigations of the structures of
these complexes are discussed.


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