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Original scientific paper

Experimental Determination of Absolute Turbidities of Pure Liquids and Standard Polystyrene Solutions

Gj. Deželić ; Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and Department of Applied Biochemistry, »Andrija Stampar« School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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Rayleigh ratios and turbidities of some pure liquids and
standard .polymer samples (benzene, toluene, Cornell polystyrene,
and D.C ./P.J. 3 polystyrene) were m easured by use of the
Oster-Aminco photometer. The problem of proper optical ccrrection
factors was thoroughly elucidated and a connect10n
between the refractive index a nd volume correction of Ca rr and
Zimm and other workers, a nd the n2- correction of Hermans ancl
L ev, nson was found . Measurements were performed at wavelengths
546 a nd 436 mμ. The values are somewhat lower than the larger
part of. data in literature, but agree with r e cent data ootained by
carefully pedormed measurements.


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