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Original scientific paper

The Orations of Philip Diversi in Honour of the Hungarian Kings Sigismund of Luxemburg and Albert of Hapsburg: Reality and Rhetoric in Humanism

Zdenka Janeković-Römer

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page 43-79

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The orations that Philip Diversi delivered in honour of the Hungarian kings Sigismund of Luxemburg and Albert of Hapsburg shed more light on the style, tastes, literature, and customs of his day than on the lives and accomplishments of the two royal heads. Through communicational codes of a literary genre closely connected to the real world we are able to study human relationships, attitudes, values, interests, and the cultural and social context of the time. Diversi’s discourses thus contribute to the postmodern rethinking of language, history, and the scope of human knowledge. Rhetoric and discourse, in an ever new dialogue with the past, promote themselves as genuine historical sources, with the answers lying in both the contents and the form.


Dubrovnik, 15th C., Filippo Diversi, Sigismund of Luxembourg, Albert of Habsburg, humanism, rhetoric

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