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Original scientific paper

The Conflict Between Dubrovnik and Venice 1751-1754

Vesna Miović-Perić

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The conflict between Dubrovnik and Venice 1751-1754 reflected the conflict between their interests and principles which were also in collision with those of the Tripolitan corsairs. The Ottomans, from whom all three sides expected help, found themselves in a very unpleasant position. It was simply impossible to meet the expectations of all sides, i.e. their subjects the Tripolitans, their protegé and tax-payer - Dubrovnik - and their newly fledged friends - the Venetians, all had different conflicting interests. In the end, it was Dubrovnik’s turn to celebrate. The third solution found in Travnik, later known as the “Travnik Agreement”, was completely in its favor.


Dubrovnik, Ottoman Empire, Venice, 18th C., Tripolitan corsairs, tax, navigation

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