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Original scientific paper

Igor Gostl

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After an introductory bibliographic note, the author shifts his attention to the philological
work of the famous polygraph Julije Bajamonti (Split, 1744-1800). In the central section of the paper, the author puts forward the theses, that the beginning of Anglistic studies in Croatia should be placed, thanks to Bajamonti, in 1780-s. The author supports
his thesis with the new philologie materials, which were recently found in the Split Museum of Archeology. He concludes his presentation by stating that Bajamonti’s manuscripts and his unfinished dictionaries (Encyclopaedic, Music and Chemistry dictionaries)
not only prove him to be one of the most distinguished Croatian Encyclopedist,
but they also establish him as one of the pioneers of the vast and influental English cultural circle, as well as an ambassador of the Croatian-English cultural relations.


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