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Jure Kaštelan (Zakucao, 1919 - Zagreb, 1990), Croatian poet, writer, translator, academy member, tenured professor. He was author or co-author (including collected works) of 31 bibliographical items, mostly collections of verses, and of numerous articles published
in various magazines. His work has been translated into several languages and he received a number of acknowledgements and rewards, among others a Lifetime Achievement
Kaštelan made his debut on the literary scene in 1935, as a young man of 16, when he himself published his first book, which was then confiscated for political reasons. After
1945 his work was considered politically acceptable and he used this opinion in order
to realize the project of translating and editing the Bible together with the biblicist Bonaventura Duda for the publishing house Stvarnost. His »biblical involvement« was frowned upon in some bodies of the Communist party, yet he never experienced any difficulties as a result of that.
The literature presented shows the reception of Kaštelan’s work from 1936 to his death in 1990, as well as from 1990 till today. The numerous titles can be divided according
to content into informative and analytical works. Kaštelan’s opus was the focus of attention for many a literary scholar, such as Branka Brlenić-Vujić, Dalibor Cvitan, Branimir Donat, Ivo Frangeš, Dubravko Jelčić, Tonko Maroević, Nedjeljko Mihanović, Cvjetko Milanja, Nikola Milićević, Anđelko Novaković, Petar Selem, Ante Stamać, Nikola
Vončina, Sime Vučetić, Branko Vuletić and a number of researchers and literary experts.
Kaštelan was awarded many prizes and acknowledgements, he was member of the Yugoslav (now Croatian) Academy of Arts and Sciences and was member of many public
organizations. The social recognition of Kaštelan and his work is also confirmed by the edition and publication of his collected resp. selected works (Stamać, Donat), the establishment
of the award named after him, the organization of a scientific conference and round tables on his work, as well as memorials and poems dedicated to him.


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