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Review article

Europeanization and Policy-making in the National Context: The Work of Policy in Croatia

Zdravko Petak orcid id ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The author considers the possible consequences of Europeanization
on national policy-making context, using the institutional environment
of the Croatian case study as an example. With a point of departure embedded in the comparative politics approach to the European
studies, the author raises three fundamental questions: What makes the implementation of EU policies effective in the context of national policies? What is the real scope of policies performed at the supra-national vs. the national polity level? What is the basic institutional feature of the Croatian policy process in comparison with the policy processes in developed countries? Based on these methodological questions, the author explores the relevance of the differentiation between vertical and horizontal policy dimensions as an additional tool for understanding the work of policy in Croatia.


European public policies, Europeanization, policy-making process, policy analysis, work of policy, institutional analysis

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