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Croatian Journalists’ Association. From the First Ideas and Preparations to Establishment (1877 – 1910)


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The Croatian Association of Journalists has existed for 90 years,
and yet its historical survey has still not been written, nor have
any comprehensive reviews of the more important issues or
certain periods of its existence been done. Little has been written,
even less researched. This initially inspired this study which is, in
addition to a critical evaluation of relatively modest bibliography,
mostly based on original material from the Association's Archives
(AHND). Having in mind the broader framework of political and
social circumstances in Croatia and the Habsburg Monarchy, the
programmatic conceptions of models of association and reasons
for numerous unsuccessful ventures have been presented, as well
as an attempt at creating a common "class" organization within
the framework of the Writers' Guild (1900). Furthermore, the
1907 preparations are mentioned and finally the closing process
of constituting the Association, in the autumn of 1910. Enclosed
in the study is an overview of sources and bibliography list.


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