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Preliminary communication

AIDS: Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior of University Students

Dijana RENIĆ

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A questionnaire regarding AIDS-related attitudes, knowledge and
behavior was administered to 352 students of psychology, sociology,
high medical school, medicine, graphic technology and architecture.
The overall knowledge level was good, since our subjects
answered 85 percent of the questions correctly. Contrary to
some other findings, there was no difference in the knowledge
level between male and female students. Attitudes indicated a
moderately liberal orientation toward AIDS related issues and
there was no difference between males and females. Considering
sexual behavior, the results indicated decrease in sexually
risky behaviors, but also showed an ever lower age of the first
intercourse, especially among female students. The results indicated
more risky behaviors among male students. Attitudes-knowledge-
behavior relationship indicated moderate correlation
between knowledge and attitude (0. 355). Low negative correlation
between knowledge and behavior was also found. There was no correlation between attitude and behavior. Results are
compared with some earlier studies conducted in Croatia. The
importance of constant informing and education for healthy and
responsible sexuality was stressed.


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