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The Polytechnic (1919‒26) and Faculty of Engineering (1926‒56) in Zagreb – The Basis for the Modern Development of Engineering in Croatia

Stjepan Jecić ; Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb
Ivan Smolčić ; The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography, Zagreb

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The founding of the Polytechnic in Zagreb in 1919 marked the beginning of the organised activity and development of higher technical education in Croatia. This in turn prompted the development of the Zagreb university, which comprised a series of engineering faculties, successors of the organisational units (departments) of the Polytechnic, from 1926 the Faculty of Engineering. This paper offers a chronological overview of the establishment, development, and activities of these two institutions as the bearers of the modern development of technology and engineering sciences in Croatia in the first half of the 20th century, their organisation, division into separate organisational units, and prominent experts, professors, and doyens of Croatian engineering, who were the bearers of their activities until the eventual division and cessation of activity of this unified institution of higher technical education in Croatia.


Polytechnic; Faculty of Engineering; history of engineering in Croatia

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