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A comparative analysis of medical tourism competitiveness of India, Thailand and Singapore

Ahmed Husain Ebrahim ; Rehabilitation Services Department, Periphery Hospitals Administration, Ministry of Health, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain; SBS Swiss Business School, Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland
Subhadra Ganguli ; Department of Accounting and Economics, Ahlia University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain and Adjunct Faculty, Department of Economics; Legal Studies, Jack Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA

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This study is aimed at providing a comparative insight into strategic advantages responsible for the competitiveness of medical tourism market of three selected Asian destinations - India, Singapore and Thailand. Based on the examination of relevant literature and cross-country benchmarking analysis, a set of cross-functional and complex strategic resources and competencies were found responsible for the growing medical tourism competitiveness of these destinations. These resources include qualities of medical specialties, obtained international accreditations, medical tourism sector infrastructure, and established reputation. The core competencies which have driven rivalry advantages range from the ability to offer holistic and wide-range of medical services to the ability of creating efficient and interrelated health and tourism sectors. Conclusively, the study emphasizes that the mastery of building different medical tourism strategic capabilities amongst these destinations inherently has been led through a clear-cut market orientation displayed and reinforced with sound and well- integrated strategies. Distinctively, Singapore's differentiation strategy has driven its advanced medical tourism system; Thailand's best-cost provider strategy has molded its medical tourism attractiveness; while India's diversification strategy and cost leadership has led to its long-standing market.


medical tourism; strategy; competitiveness; Singapore; India; Thailand

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