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Original scientific paper

Developing a model for tourism smart card and evaluating its effect on tourism services

Amir Abbas Najafipour ; School of Tourism, Higher Education Complex of Bam, Bam, Kerman, Iran
Yosef Argavani Fallah ; School of Tourism, Maziar Rouyan University, Mazandaran, Iran
Mohammad Hossein Foroozanfar ; School of Tourism, Bam, Kerman, Iran
Seyed Morteza Ziaee Adib ; MA student in tourism management, Faculty of Management and Accounting, Department of Tourism Management, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran

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Nowadays, the use of information technology in the tourism industry has increased the service quality and reduced its prices for tourists. Also, the necessity of developing an integrated network of tourism services is significantly visible. It can play a major role in generating revenue for tourism companies, as well as job creation, sustainable development, and positive environmental effects. The main purpose of this study is to develop a model for tourism smart card (TSC) and evaluate its effects on tourism services. Accommodation, transportation, catering, and purchasing are considered major tourism services. The results show that TSC can improve all four tourism services. Finally, a model is developed by structural equation modeling, and all indices show a good fit for the model. It should be mentioned that in the case of implementation and use of TSCs, tourists and tourism-related organization will be affected. This system can change the main needs of tourists, as it brings valuable services to tourists in sectors such as transportation, accommodation, restaurants, recreational centers, travel insurance. On the other hand, it is effective in revenue generation, an organization of tourism firms, skilled staff training, advertising and earnings for the organization and creation of an accurate database of customers.


tourism smart card; tourism services; tourist; information technology; Iran

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