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Classifying Divided Cities: the Need for Geopolitical Perspective?

Marta Zorko orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, Croatia
Nikola Novak orcid id ; University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), Centre for International Studies, Portugal

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Divided cities are common phenomena in contemporary world. Each case is
driven out of a different set of factors and consists of different manifestations of divisions.
This paper seeks to identify the categorization of divisions and offer the criteria
that should be considered when researching the phenomenon of divided cities. The
geopolitical perspective may serve as a tool for overcoming the confusion in different
sets of classifications. The authors suggest four sets of criteria within which divided
cities have to be considered when rethinking a geopolitical perspective on this issue.
Divided cities are an empirical state of fact and appear across the Globe. Moreover,
most of world cities are somehow divided, but cannot be called divided cities in
geopolitical terms. This paper shows the differences in divisions taking into account
geographical, political, identity and power relations bringing them into a geopolitical
set of related criteria.


micro-geopolitics, divided cities, border studies, reterritorialization

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