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Original scientific paper

Monolingual general lexicography and its users Croatian results in the European survey research

Tomislav Stojanov

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The survey results of Croatian survey participants related to monolingual dictionaries of
Croatian are presented and described. Moreover, the contemporary situation of the general
monolingual lexicography of Croatian is described and critically analysed. The survey has
been conducted in 2017 on almost ten thousand participants in 26 European countries within
the COST Action IS1305 European Network of e-Lexicography (ENeL), among which there
were 516 Croatian participants. There has been many scientific and professional papers on
lexicography of Croatian, but this research brings some new and stimulating insight into
dictionary users, their habits, wishes, and expectations. The results are even more interesting
when Croatian users are compared with the European users, by which a wider picture of the
state of the contemporary monolingual and general lexicography of Croatian can be created.


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