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Preliminary communication

Selection of UUV Type ROV Equipment and Cooperation System with USV "Edredon" in Protection Tasks of Ports and Critical Objects

Zygmunt Kitowski orcid id ; Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Polish Naval Academy, Poland

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The article presents some of the problems associated with the use of an unmanned underwater vehicle type ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to cooperate with the USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) "Edredon" carrying out tasks related to the perimetric protection of seaports infrastructure and critical objects. The system remote control of the underwater vehicle, requires the appropriate structure of the system ensuring the cooperation of both vehicles and the selection of the special apparatus mounted on the ROV. The tasks carried out by the both vehicles have a very high impact on the hardware solutions and cooperation of USV with an unmanned
underwater vehicle.


USV, Unmanned surface vehicle, ROV, Remotely underwater vehicle, Critical infrastructure

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