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Original scientific paper

Load Balancing Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Based on Multi-Path Routing

Zhongping Chen ; Hunan Vocational College of Engineering, Changsha, China

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A HWMP improved routing protocol (HWMMRP) is proposed in this paper. The protocol adopts the integrated link state routing criterion algorithm LCCM providing small overhead, with factors such as bandwidth, queue length and noise interference fully considered. In order to solve the problem of the tree routing mechanism being easily congested at the root node, a multi-path multi-gateway shunting mechanism is applied. A multipath routing mechanism is also incorporated in the reactive routing mode. Both the new criteria and the protocol are simulated in the NS-2 environment, and are compared with comparable protocols. The experimental results show that our protocol can effectively avoid node congestion, and provides a better dynamic load balancing capability as well as a better performance than the standard HWMP and AODV protocols.


wireless mesh network, load balancing, link-state, multi-path routing, routing metric

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