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Original scientific paper

Daily air pressure variation on Mt. Bjelašnica

Božena Volarić

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The Bjelašnica mountain observatory (H = 2067 m), located on the top of Mt. Bjelašnica is 23 km distant from Sarajevo observatory (H = 637 m). Hourly air pressure and air temperature data taken at these observatories over 12 years served to determine solar daily pressure and temperature variations and their harmonical components Sn for n = 1, 2, 3, 4.

The paper discusses differences between daily variations and respective harmonical components as a result of different altitudes and orographic positions of Sarajevo and Mt. Bjelašnica. The daily air pressure variation at Mt. Bjelašnica and Sarajevo served as a basis to determine daily mean temperature in the air column between the foot and the top of the mountain.


air pressure, Bjelašnica

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