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Review article

The development of the physical oceanography in Croatia and Josip Goldberg

Mirko Orlić

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The development of physical oceanography in Croatia, as well as the work of several individuals in other countries, is reviewed in this paper. Among the early investigators, two should be mentioned in particular: Nikola Sagroević (16th century), as an observer of the tides, and Ruđer Bošković (1711 – 1787), who worked on the equilibrium theory of the tides.

More recently, three investigators made important contributions to descriptive oceanography. Grgur Bučić (1829 – 1911) analysed the influence of atmospheric factors on sea level in Hvar. Artur Gavazzi (1861 – 1944) investigated the thermohaline structure of the Kvarner Bay and the movements there. Finally, Ante Ercegović (1895 – 1969) studied the seasonal oscillations of temperature and salinity in the vicinity of Split.

Josip Goldberg (1885 – 1960) occupies a prominent position among the above mentioned scientists. Through his research and his teaching activities, he enabled the transition from descriptive to dynamic oceanography in Croatia. In other words, Goldberg introduced mathematical modelling into physical oceanography in Croatia, and thus laid down the foundations for all contemporary empirical and theoretical analysis in this field.


physical oceanography, Josip Goldberg

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