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Review article

The Church and the Christian Faced with Challenges of Contemporary Migrations

Neven Šimac

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A significant part of human history was embroidered with migrations of which Europe was spared after the Second World War. In the last decade, however, Europe is encountering migrations that it did not expect, although wars on its Southeast and in the Asian Middle and Near East, as well as its own demographic movements and climate change ought to have served as a warning. Migrations of our times are becoming a global phenomenon and a clear signum temporis that demands global answers. These should be found as soon as possible, since a tsunami of new, climate refugees is already appearing on the horizon. The first part of this paper discusses terms – migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, those banished from their home, and the differences between these. The second part confronts principles and values of the universal Church and Catholic Christians in particular Churches – the common good and universal goods, dignity, freedom and rights of the human person with international initiatives and possibilities of individual states, and the discourse of politicians and fears of citizens.


migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, apatrids, duties of the state, values of Christians, integration and assimilation.

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