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Original scientific paper

The Mousterian industry of Veternica Cave

Marko Banda orcid id ; Rijeka, Croatia
Ivor Karavanić orcid id ; Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Veternica Cave is a Middle Paleolithic site located on the southwestern part of Medvednica Mountain, Croatia. From 1951 to 1955 and in 1971 the site was excavated and hundreds of stone artefacts of the Mousterian culture were collected. This paper presents a lithic analysis of these artefacts and, in spite of mixed finds from multiple layers, gives important data on technology, typology and raw material use. Based on the results and the comparison with other sites in the neighbouring regions, the Middle Paleolithic industry of Veternica is placed in a chronological and cultural framework.


Middle Paleolithic, Mousterian culture, technology, typology, raw materials, Veternica

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