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Original scientific paper

Teachers’ Perceptions of the Curricular Reform Implementation in Kosovo

Fatjona Alidemaj

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The perceptions that teachers create about the curricular reform act as determinants of their journey towards the application of the reforms in practice. This research explores the perceptions that teachers have about the curricular reform and its implementation in Kosovo. The research took place in three cities of Kosovo: Prishtina, Istog and Klina, with 225 teachers, where 220 were respondents of the Questionnaire, and 5 were interviewed. The research highlights that the curricular reform is overwhelming for teachers and it is more oriented towards administrative issues. The curriculum is perceived as incomprehensible, challenging and not really easy to be applied. Besides, it did not change the teaching practices, and it did not enhance the students’ learning outcomes. Peer cooperation is perceived as one of the changes that the new curriculum has brought to life, and this is an important factor that facilitates the implementation of the curriculum. On the other hand, the lack of resources and the insufficient time available for teachers are seen to be the main obstacles in implementing the curriculum.


Perception, curricular reform, teachers, implementation

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