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Original scientific paper

Quality of Physiotherapeutic Services in Kosovo: A Comparative Approach between Public and Private Sectors

Ariona Dedushaj ; AAB College, Pristina, Kosovo

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This paper analyzes the quality of physiotherapeutic services in the public and private sectors in Kosovo, namely at the Rehabilitation Physical Medicine Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo and two private institutions in the capital, namely the physiotherapeutic clinics “Therapy” and “Physiomed”. The study is based on the standard questionnaire for measuring the quality and satisfaction of patients, as compiled by Monnin and Perneger, adapted to national circumstances. Access to the institution, administrative procedures, treatment facilities, equipment and staff professionalism are analyzed. The parameters mentioned were analyzed by gender, age and education level of the respondents. The survey was attended by 90 individuals, with 45 in each sector. Results have shown that patients' satisfaction with facility access, parking space, equipment they possess as well as the comfort that the room provides has been greater in the private sector. There were no significant differences between the two sectors in the professionalism of the staff, the willingness to provide explanations and their politeness. The study has shown the need to invest in infrastructure and equipment as well as better management of waiting lists, to improve the quality of public sector services.


Physiotherapeutic services; patient satisfaction; Kosovo

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