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Preliminary communication

Archaeological excavations of Hlebine – Dedanovice site

Tajana Sekelj Ivančan orcid id ; Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia

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The archaeological excavations on the Dedanovice site near Hlebine in 2018 explored two furnaces used for one of the demanding procedures of the processing of iron ore and/or intermediate goods and the remains of a contemporary settlement. The position of one larger and three smaller trenches, with the total area of 1010.03 m2, was carefully selected on the basis of the results of geophysical research undertaken on a larger area. Both furnaces had a rectangular fire bed behind a small pit, which was the approach to the interior of the fire bed. The furnaces were probably active in the same period; their fire beds were placed next to each other, but back-to-back, with outward-looking pits. The circumstances of the find indicate that the air supply pipes of the fire bed were installed on the north side of the walls of both furnaces. Along with the furnaces, the excavation included parts of the settlement, which can be divided into three different periods based on the characteristics of the pottery materials from the structures. Two objects date from the late antiquity; one contains ceramic fragments from the Late Middle Ages, while other objects can be dated to the period when the two excavated furnaces were active.


Hlebine; Dedanovice position; geophysical research; archaeological excavations; furnaces; settlement; Late Antiquity; Early Middle Ages

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