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Original scientific paper

Young People, Faith, Spirituality, Ecclesiality

Ružica Razum orcid id ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Blaženka Valentina Mandarić ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Understanding and interpreting the religiosity, ecclesiality and spirituality of the youth today is essential if we are to adequately address their religious and spiritual questions, as well as needs. The first part of this paper examines the situation young people are in today. It seeks to answer the complex question of who young people are today and what are their basic characteristics in the contemporary world. The second part reflects on the relationship between the youth and faith. Considering that the youth religiosity is going through profound and lasting changes, the second part outlines the religiosity of the youth today based on relevant work and research, particularly those dealing with the religiosity of adolescents in Zagreb. The third part contemplates the relationship between the youth and the Church. The relationship between the youth and the Church is always a burning issue, especially nowadays, when research indicates young people increasingly moving away from the Church. The Church constantly finds itself at a new crossroads when it comes to its relationship with the youth. With each new generation, we need to look for a new rapport, a new way of communicating, and at present, it is necessary to do so in a notably sensitive and complex way. Incentives to reflect on the relationship between the Church and the youth come from the Synod on Young People, which has dealt with their issues, religiosity, relationship to the Church and the like. The fourth part deals with the problem of young people’s spirituality and presents the basic characteristics of the so‑called traditional and secular spirituality.


Spirituality; Young People and the Church; Youth Synod; Ecclesiality; Faith.

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