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Family Patron-Saint’s Day of Roman Catholic Population of Neretva Valley before World War II

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This work deals with the phenomena of celebration of the Family Patron-Saint’s Day (Krsna Slava) among the Roman Catholic population in the Neretva valley in Croatia. Krsna Slava is widespread among several countries and different nations in Balkans. Its origins are not known. First and most complete lists of the Neretva families and their patron saints were made in 1941 by Radovan Jerković. He collected data in Bagalovići, Borovci-Nova Sela, Desne, Metković, Komin, Slivno, Vid and Vidonje. Almost half of families celebrate All Saints (1st November). In the past, the families who immigrated to the Neretva valley and had not already had their own patron saint, chose All Saints to be their patrons. This means that this custom is not originally from the Neretva valley. Other saints celebrated by the Neretva families are St. Nicholas, St. Martin, Epiphany, St. Thomas, St. Michael, St. Stephan and St. John. These data are analyzed from different angles trying to understand the roots of this custom in the Neretva valley. Komin, Vidonje and Metković should be the original centres of Krsna Slava celebrating.


Family Patron-Saint’s Day, Neretva valley, Roman Catholics, folk customs

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