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Original scientific paper

The Borders of Konavle Parishes

Nenad Vekarić ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Niko Kapetanić

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The authors try to determine the time of the establishment of parishes in Konavle and their borders at certain times, basing the research upon the parish registers and the inventory of the houses in Konavle in the 16th century. In the 15th century Konavle become a constituent part of the Dubrovnik Republic, but the exact date of the origin of the church establishment itself is not recorded. The oldest parishes were in Cavtat, Pločice and Gruda with the present day ones in Čilipi, Stravča, Pridvorje, Dubravka and Vitaljina. Two are the main reasons for establishing new parishes: the rise in population as one, and the repercussions of the Trident Council which introduced obligatory keeping of the parish registers as the other. The latter caused the duties in the parish to extend greatly. In order to act more efficiently, the church authorities frequently shifted the parish border lines. These alterations resulted in population variations. The seat of parish was at the same time the meeting-place of the parishioners. The change of borders inevitably influenced marriages between the local population. These local migration processes were indirectly affected by the church organization.


Konavle, border, parish

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