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Original scientific paper

The Brotherhood od Saint Vid and Modest in Orebići

Cvito Fisković

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The author publishes the statute of the Vid and Modest Brotherhood in Orebići, on the south-west coast of the Pelješac Peninsula which belonged to the Dubrovnik Republic from the 14th to the beginning of the century. Although that region was mostly inhabited by seamen who spoke foreign languages and who themselves were the members of the Brotherhood, the statute was written in their mother tongue - Croatian. This is most probably a copy of an earlier dated statute recommended by the Bishop of Ston and in 1676 accepted by the members. Similar to the rules in other old statutes already published, this example from Orebići obliged its members to moral conduct, religious services, commendable relations among family and brotherhood members, as well as taking care of their funeral arrangements and ceremonies. Among the rules was the one to beware of witches who were severely persecuted at the time. An offence against parents was the most serious and the punishment for it was the only one in the true Inquisition manner. An offender had to carry a heavy stone round the church building during ceremonies. Some punishments could have been replaced by a fine. The statute also records the meetings of the brothers, the procedure of chairman (gastaldi) election and their financial accounts during the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.


brotherhood, Saint Vid, Saint Modest, Orebići

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