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From the inventory of the Seafaring Family Jerković in the Orebići at the beginning of the 19th century

Cvito Fisković

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The southern coastal slopes of the Pelješac Peninsula (Orebići with the surroundings) offer a delightful sight of white stone houses with skillfully carved thresholds, window frames and keystones. Their interior is the result of thoughtful planning, each house having its own water tank built within it. They are all encircled by fenced gardens with pergola shaded paths leading to the stone paved courtyards. These houses render the touch of high living standard of the seafaring families in that region in the 19th century. They display beautiful pieces of silver and gold jewelry, silver cutlery, valuable porcelain services, books, port directories, navigation charts and instruments, paintings, carpets, arms and antique furniture with exceptionally decorated drawing-rooms. The inventory of the Jerković household presented in this article, produces evidence in their way of life, the ships they owned and seafaring in general at the turn of the 18th century.


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