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Original scientific paper

"Post tertiam campanam". The night life in medieval Dubrovnik

Zdenka Janeković-Römer orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

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This article is based upon notary records (Libri maleficiorum) from 1282 and from 1312—1314. As much as these »Books of Crime« serve as evidence of violence and law-breaking, at the same time they produce valuable information on everyday life in Dubrovnik, its entertainment, focusing on the entertainment after sunset. On the stroke of three coming from the clock tower, the night life of Dubrovnik commenced: respectable members of the society surrendered themselves to vicious ways of debauchery in the merry company of young men, foreigners and bawdy women. The Dubrovnik authorities managed to cope with crime rather successfully. Owing to these efforts, Dubrovnik was a place with relatively little violence. The episodes of night life draw an outline of character, way of life and social relations of the violence prone citizens of Dubrovnik not yet accustomed to organized and sophisticated entertainment.


Middle Ages, Dubrovnik, the everyday life history

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