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Venetians in Dubrovnik (Ragusa) and Ragusans in Venice as Property Owners in the Fourteenth Century

Bariša Krekić ; Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

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After a detailed analysis of archival data, the author arrives at the following conclusions concerning the topic under study:
1. Many more Venetians owned real estate (houses, terrains) in Dubrovnik than did Ragusans in Venice because Venetians Were more numerous and economically more powerful. They acquired most properties in Dubrovnik when Ragusan courts allocated to them properties of Ragusans who had failed to pay their debts to Venetians. Most Ragusan real estate in Venice
(primarily houses) was acquired through purchases, inheritance, etc.
2. Venetians did not hold properties in Dubrovnik for a long time but tried to sell them quickly and compensate the debts. Ragusans in Venice held properties for a long time and used them as a source of income.
3. Both in Dubrovnik and in Venice, patricians were the most active people in the real estate market, especially some — frequently related — families on both sides.
4. In the second half of the fourteenth century the number of Venetian real estate owners in Dubrovnik decreased, while the number of Ragusan property owners in Venice increased. The author seeks the causes for this phenomenon less in the political change which occurred between the two city-republics in 1358, than in Venetian preoccupation with other, wider areas, and the growing economic power of the Ragusans. On the whole, ownership of real estate on both sides strengthened their mutual relations and was an important aspect of Veneto-Ragusan links in the fourteenth century.


Dubrovnik, Venice, Venetians, real property

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