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Original scientific paper

Bishop Đivović and Cultural Heritage of Dubrovnik

Cvito Fisković

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Josip Nikola Đivović was born in Orebić (Pelješac Peninsula) in 1693 belonging to the Dubrovnik Republic at the time. From 1752—1762 he was bishop in Srijem and from 1754 a close friend to the Austrian tzarina Maria Theresia. He helped her reign with money contributions for wars against Prussia, but all his life remained faithful to the Senat and the government of the Republic.
In his correspondence to the Dubrovnik government the bishop reported of the political situation and warfare in Austria and the surrounding countries and had the largest altar in the Dubrovnik cathedral brought up at his own expense. He also gave gifts in silver and gold coins cast in Austria and all his life remained in close contact with his fatherland.
Having realized his ability, reputation and loyalty the Dubrovnik government wished to name him their archbishop. The tzarina Maria Theresia opposed to the idea since he was of more help as the bishop of Srijem.


Josip Đivović, bishop, Pelješac, Orebić, Austria

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