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Original scientific paper

Murder cases with Turks as victims and Dubrovnik citizens as wrongdoers

Vesna Miović-Perić orcid id ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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This article presents murder cases with Turks as victims and certain citizens of Dubrovnik as wrongdoers. Most of the cases took place within the boundaries of the Republic except for a murder in Kotezi under the Empire at the time.
The issue of the incidents depended solely on the relating circumstances between the two countries. Dubrovnik took various diplomatic and secret measures in order to protect its subjects and decrease the possible consequences of the criminal deed. But if the crime were against the Dubrovnik lay or moral code (e. g. armed robbery) no protection whatsoever followed by the Republic: the villain was punished according to cruel regulations. This was also the case when higher interests were at stake. Harmonious relations with Turkey for example, could not be marred by one unpunished individual.


murders, Turks, Dubrovnik citizens

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