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The Battle of Krbava (1493) and its Impact in Dubrovnik

Bariša Krekić ; Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

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In the battle of Krbava, Nov 11 1493, the Croatian army was completely defeated by the Turks. A large number of Croatian noblemen got killed as well as about 10.000 out of 15.000 Croatian soldiers, where ban Derenčin was imprisoned too.
It was only 13 days after that the citizens of Dubrovnik learnt about the battle. They sent 500 golden coins to the Croatian viceban Perušić in order to build fortresses. At the same time they supported the Hungaro-Croatian king Vladislav in standing up to the Turks and on Oct 17 1493, delivered him ban Derenčin’s letter which he sent from the Turkish imprisonment via Dubrovnik. The Dubrovnik council also appealed for help to the Napoli cardinal counting on his influence in the Christian world Croatia being a rampart between Europe and the Otoman Empire.
Dubrovnik diplomatic circles eagerly observed the Turkish conquering intentions. They were not in sympathy with the Turks. This feeling they expressed with great caution for the benefit and safety of their own territory was at stake, as well as their merchandise intentions with the countries under Turkish dominance. That is the main reason why they took no measures in freeing Nikola Frankopan from Turkish imprisonment in 1494.


battle of Krbava, Dubrovnik

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