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Original scientific paper

Population Growth on the Territory of Dubrovnik Republic from 1673 — 1981

Vladimir Stipetić ; Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper critically researches sources given by travelers, diplomats and government clerks estimating that the town of Dubrovnik had the population of 15—30000, the whole of Republic from 55—80000 in the period from the fifteenth to eighteenth century.
Author’s main source is the census carried out in 1673/74 published by Z. Šundrica. The author comes to the conclusion that Dubrovnik with its suburbs had 4218 inhabitants and the Republic 25089. In 134 years to come - till the census in 1807 - the whole territory progresses very slowly demographically, since the population reached the number of 31245. In the nineteenth century the population grows somewhat faster and reaches 50791 inhabitants in the Republic and 11640 in the town itself. In 1981 it was 68350 and the town 44646 (depopulation of villages!).
The author considers that the slow growth of population is due to the population politics led by the Dubrovnik Republic (making immigration difficult, special marriage regulations for the nobility, long and frequent absence aboard ships of the male population etc.).


population, Dubrovnik Republic

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