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Bošković’s Views on the Effect of Heat and Light in Chemical Process

Snježana Paušek-Baždar ; Zavod za povijest prirodnih, matematičkih i medicinskih znanosti HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Based on the dispute Dissertazione della tenuità della Luce Solare from 1717 and the principal work Theoria philosophiae naturalis from 1763 as well as the edition from 1758 Bošković’s points of view on the effect of heat and light in chemical processes have been examined. The explanation of his view of the chemical process of calcination is presented, as well as the cause of metal increasing weight when converted into metallic calx or oxide. Based on the discussion with Musschenbroek (1747) it is shown that Bošković on one hand did not support the phlogiston theory and on the other did not accept the views of Newton’s followers either. Besides, it has been proved that Bošković’s theory of heat and light (1763) as matters taking part in chemical processes without causing increase in weight actually proceeded Lavoiser’s theory presented in Traité élementaire de Chimie in 1789.


Ruđer Bošković, heat, light

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