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Original scientific paper

The Court of the Janjina Captaincy

Nenad Vekarić ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Lower court and administration in the Dubrovnik Republic were organized through districts and captaincies. In this article the activity of the Janjina captaincy which covered the central part of the Pelješac peninsula is analyzed. The court of this captaincy was competent over minor cases and of lesser importance. The function of the judge was performed by a captain. The procedure was informal, flexible with inquisitory elements strongly stressed. Thus, it was quick and efficient but also arbitrary and depending on the personal character of the judge himself.
Sentences brought in this court were most practical; a large number of hard labor sentences only go to prove it, as well as the number of fines. Highly efficient sentences arousing shame (»morica«) were frequent, too. The court of Janjina captaincy performed its duties with great authority for 91.7% of cases no sentence was brought; the accusers gave up further charges the accusation itself being enough. Another reason for it was the large distance between the accusers’ residence and the court which only proves how many unnecessary lawsuits were performed due to hot temper.


court, Janjina Captaincy, Pelješac

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