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Original scientific paper

The Firmans for Dubrovnik Seamen

Vesna Miović-Perić orcid id ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The author here discusses firmans issued to Dubrovnik seamen from 1743 —1783 in order to protect them from north African pirates in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik consules and tax envoys applied for firmans in Constantinople. All the firmans are of identical contents addressed to the admiral of Turkish fleet, judges, their representatives or port officials in the Mediterranean or Aegean sea. The addressee is requested to protect the captain from north African pirates and Dubrovnik merchants from high taxes. As an example, a translation of a firman issued to captain Grgur Mrgudić in 1756 is enclosed as well as 6 other firmans allowing free passage through Dardanelles.


firman, Dubrovnik Republic, pirates

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