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From International Seamanship and Maritime-Commer­cial Activity of Inhabitants from Mljet and their Ships during the Republic of Dubrovnik

Josip Luetić

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This work, for the first time, gives an insight of the international seamanship and maritime commercial activity of the professional seafarers, sea merchants and merchant sailing-vessels from the island of Mljet as well as the people from Mljet during the Republic of Dubrovnik. It has been possible to find out that much, through the documents so far, but the author is assured it had been much more of the matter. Nevertheless this work enlightens a part of the shipping and navigational past in the life of Ml jet's inhabitants, a trace of their presence out of the Adriatic.
First of all, the author managed to take part from the complete oblivion the names and surnames of the professional seafarers and ship-owners from Mljet as well as their work-places and so forth.
These latest archival researches gave an opportunity of knowing one significant branch of the economic activities among the residents of Mljet.
The international navigation brought the international experience into the socio-economic life of these people. That experience improved the navigation as well as the economic and trade transactions at the island and had a tremendous influence on the social behavior, habits and on the folk costume of its whole population.


Mljet, seamanship, Dubrovnik Republic

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