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Original scientific paper

Population of Trstenica 31st December 1751

Nenad Vekarić ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Due to its outstanding maritime orientation the demographic development of Trstenica had its distinct characteristics in relation to the other parts of Pelješac and the Dubrovnik Republic. Besides long-lasting absence of the seafarers and their frequent accidents, it was the openness towards the world as well as the continuous communication with breakthrough of new ideas, that reflected demographic occurrences. All these factors had an influence on the favorable activity in the seamanship and the commerce as well as on the increase of the living standards, education degree, medical care and services. Those living circumstances affected the family planning, marriages in cognateness, reduced number of births, the increase of the average old age, a big share of women in the older age and so forth.
This work, through the articles of the number of residents, age structure, households and marriages, migrations, names and sex, analyzes the population of Trstenica on 31st December 1751, according to the source »Status Animarum« from the Parish of Karmen, with a help of the previous genealogical elaboration on observed territory.


population, demography, Trstenica, Pelješac

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