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Original scientific paper

Citizens of Bruges in the Medieval Dubrovnik

Dušanka Dinić-Knežević

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Economic contacts between Dubrovnik and Flanders were established rather early, but their businessmen began to visit Dubrovnik not earlier than in the middle of the 15th century. The first one was Andrew the trumpeter from Bruges, who in the forties of the same century formed his family there and entered the municipal service as a municipal trumpeter. After his death his son Michael continued his father’s job.
About the same time Rambold, a goldsmith from Bruges, came to Dubrovnik, but very soon he went to the court of the Bosnian Duke Stefan Vukčić Kosača. He lived there for some time making jewels for the Duke. In the sixties he returned to Dubrovnik again, but did not stay there longer and went to Venice where his products were no doubt better sold.
While in Bosnia and Dubrovnik he used to make loans from the citizens pawning his gold products. They would accept them readily, as they were of the first quality, made of gold, diamonds and pearls. In this way his works remained and enriched material culture of Dubrovnik.
As far as it is known these were the only citizens of Bruges that lived and worked in the medieval Dubrovnik.


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