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Original scientific paper

Pulse Wave Velocity as a Method of Outcome Monitoring after Renal Denervation

Iva Kurjaković ; University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia
Juraj Jug ; University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia
Martina Lovrić Benčić ; University of Zagreb School of Medicine, University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Jurica Vuković ; University Hospital “Merkur”, Zagreb, Croatia
Ingrid Prkačin orcid id ; University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia; University Hospital “Merkur”, Zagreb, Croatia

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Resistant hypertension is defined as failure to achieve target blood pressure (BP) in spite of using a minimum of 3 antihypertensive drugs of different classes, one of which must be a diuretic, at optimal tolerated doses. Device-based therapies like renal denervation are indicated in patients in whom pharmacological agents failed to control BP and patients with refractory resistant hypertension have no contraindications for the procedure. Pulse wave velocity is the measure of arterial stiffness which is directly connected to cardiovascular risk and hypertension-mediated organ damage. The aim of this study was to present measurement of arterial stiffness as a noninvasive method of assessing cardiovascular risk in patients with resistant hypertension after renal denervation. This study included 10 patients over the course of 1 to 4 years after renal denervation. Arterial stiffness was measured for patients with a noninvasive method using the Agedio B900 device operating on the principle of oscillometry. This study demonstrates that renal denervation as an additional method of controlling BP has long term positive effects in addition to lowering BP and vascular stiffness over several years, thus lowering cardiovascular risk. Noninvasive measurement of arterial stiffness could be a novel prognostic marker of the impact of renal denervation on arterial stiffness.


resistant hypertension; renal denervation; arterial stiffness

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